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Primary Skills in Counselling Relationships

My first essay back.  Not bad considering I whipped it up overnight.    

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A swordfight with diabetes – update

As you know in 2014, I successfully reversed diabetes type 2 within 4-5 months of being diagnosed.  I was of course, exercising like crazy with a trainer (sometimes twice a day) and competing in races once every month like I was some kind of Zola Budd.  My diet kept changing as my body got used to them […]

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Who are you bringing into 2017?

I started doing a dating blog, listing each sorry-arse bloke of 2016, where I met them and all the funny or bizarre incidents that ensued in our time together but it made me feel quite melancholy so in the end, I decided not to go there. Though hilariously funny, there was something gloomy about it.  As I […]

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World Mental Health Day

You could say mental health is something I know a little something about.  According to the statistics presented by the Mental Health Foundation, one in four adults and one in ten children are likely to have a mental health problem. The ignorance phlegm still lurks on the chest of many mental health issues and sufferers […]

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Stand up to Racism and Fascism March

LONDON: Here are a few photographs from the anti-racism march:

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Should old acquaintance be forgot….

At the end of every year, everyone makes an audit of the year and makes plans for the next. That’s what people do and it’s a great thing – I’m certainly not knocking it. There’s the hope or sense that things will be on the up after a trying year. But there comes a time […]

IMG_5302 November 12

Pureism Supper Club

“We are Pureism. Inspired by the simplicity and purity of 精進料理 (shōjin ryōri – Buddist temple cuisine) we are three cooks who are passionate about celebrating seasonal produce using the principles of Zen Buddhism principles. We have all received training at Itadakizen (a vegan Japanese restaurant in London) and are eager to focus on temple […]

IMG_4716 October 25

Speak Street Language Cafe

Very often we want to be able to practise speaking a language with someone but we don’t often get past a Rosetta Stone course.  Worse, we may get a comprehensive phrase book but can barely manage asking for the bill at a restaurant on holiday.  I tend to ask for the bill in sign language. […]

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Stand Up To Cancer March

LONDON 2014: The march started in London Bridge, through the city and back again. I wanted to march for everyone affected by cancer but also for those that take part in clinical trials. Before the march started, a series of videos from members of the public who had battled cancer or who had lost someone […]

Michelle Work September 17

Me and Diabetes

This hideous photograph was taken at work when I was at my biggest and you’re right, no one needs to see that but it felt right to share it. A trip to the doctors today after another bloody test revealed that I have in fact reversed type 2 diabetes! My endocrine system has always been […]