August 11

51st State 2017

Last festival of the year for me and a quick update. It’s actually a rubbish quick update as the event was on 5th August. So it’s a whippity whip up. I am a second time visitor to this event .I am prepared to give this festival a chance even though many others have abandoned it […]

July 30

WEEKEND: Barbican Cinema Cafe and the disturbing film of the year.

  Well, if you’re looking for a place to study with free Wi-Fi and nice paninis, I recommend Barbican Cinema Cafe as part of the Barbican Centre, in.. erm…. Barbican. It used to be a quiet space, with very little people apart from cinema goers, but I think other people have cottoned onto it as […]

June 03


London 2017: Kings Place is beginning to be my favourite place. The first half of the gig was by Jyotsba Srikanth, a indian classical violinist from Bangalore who incorporates heavily weighted improvisation into her scores. She has played for hundreds of south indian films. This woman is never out of work: In the second half, […]

April 29


See-man-day were a British funk group with west indian heritage in the 70s. Their work has been sampled by the likes of De La Soul and the original records are a must have in every funk DJs record collection. Their new lead singer grew up around the original players and always wanted to sing with […]

April 14


PARATY, BRAZIL 2016.  A small colonial town like this was what I needed after a week in Rio.   I love Rio but carnival fever had already started and the city was getting to me.  I took this over the bridge on the way back to my pousada.  Camera was taken, RIP Canon.  I loved […]

February 23

SHORT STORY: Mrs Mason gets rat-arsed

Her ankle buckled as she lost her balance in her gold stilettos. She was drunk. “More Babycham, Mrs Mason?” offered Mum. Mrs Mason was my private English and Maths tutor that visited our house every Saturday to improve my school grades. She was middle aged and petite with short mousy hair and was never without […]

October 10

EVENT: World Mental Health Day

You could say mental health is something I know a little something about.  According to the statistics presented by the Mental Health Foundation, one in four adults and one in ten children are likely to have a mental health problem. The ignorance phlegm still lurks on the chest of many mental health issues and sufferers […]

March 21

Stand up to Racism and Fascism March

LONDON: Here are a few photographs from the anti-racism march:

November 12

Pureism Supper Club

“We are Pureism. Inspired by the simplicity and purity of 精進料理 (shōjin ryōri – Buddist temple cuisine) we are three cooks who are passionate about celebrating seasonal produce using the principles of Zen Buddhism principles. We have all received training at Itadakizen (a vegan Japanese restaurant in London) and are eager to focus on temple […]

October 25

Speak Street Language Cafe

Very often we want to be able to practise speaking a language with someone but we don’t often get past a Rosetta Stone course.  Worse, we may get a comprehensive phrase book but can barely manage asking for the bill at a restaurant on holiday.  I tend to ask for the bill in sign language. […]